Galaxy Forum Hawaii, Kamuela – 7 Nov 2018

Wednesday 7 November (4:15-6:15 pm) @ Kahilu Town Hall, Waimea, Hawaii, USA


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4:15-6:15 pm on Wednesday November 7, 2018
Punawaiola Room at Kahilu Town Hall
67-1187 Lindsey Road
Kamuela, Hawaii 96743

Provisional Program

★ Hawaii Cosmic Culture
Kimo Pihana

★ Mauna Kea as a Living Monument for World Peace:
Mayor Harry Kim Special Update on Transcending Vision

★ Leading Science and Astronomy at CFHT
Doug Simons, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Director

★ EAO / JCMT Projects
Jessica Dempsey EAO / JCMT Deputy Director

★ 4 Moon Missions / Astronomy from the Moon
International Lunar Observatory Association Director Steve Durst

★ Subaru Science Plans
Subaru / NAOJ Scientist Masato Onodera

★ Keck Astronomy Update
W. M. Keck Observatory Manager of Observing Support Randy Campbell

*Moderated by Sherry Bracken – LAVA 105.3 & KKOA 107.7 fm (MMM) and HPR


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